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1,800 sqft,  4 bed, 2 bath

London Borough of Southwark

Completed in late 2023

The original property was in very poor condition and largely unmodernised, so needed a complete overhaul. Being Paul's (Director of BetterPAD) family home, this project provided a chance to experiment with design ideas and refine our standards for modernising old homes, gaining valuable insights for future projects.

The side return extension on the ground floor stuns with a unique double-vaulted ceiling. Each vaulted section features a skylight at its peak, bathing the space in a dynamic play of natural light that transforms throughout the day. By utilising a cantilever structure, the open corner is supported without a post, creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior space when the sliding patio doors on both sides are open. This connection is further amplified by the continuous use of tiles throughout the extension and onto the patio. 

Within the extension, a minimalist material palette devoid of ornamentation allows the interplay between light and form to take centre stage, and for the architecture to speak for itself. Externally, the vaulted roof is clad in zinc and extends outwards with a canopy over the rear and side, creating the illusion of floating above the expansive glass doors. The underside is finished in timber, to add a hint of warmth and texture.

The contemporary design language extends across all three levels when viewed from the rear garden. Notably, the first floor of the outrigger has been rebuilt with a cantilevered structure, featuring an open glass corner that echoes the ground floor extension below. The loft extension takes shape in two levels, each clad in zinc and punctuated by expansive feature windows, creating a unified and visually cohesive statement from top to bottom.

The home presents a captivating interplay between modern and classic styles. In contrast to the contemporary language at the rear, the front rooms exude timeless elegance through restoration of traditional architectural details and a bold use of colour. While maintaining the original proportions of these rooms, minor adjustments to the layout have resulted in a more fluid and efficient use of space.


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