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2,220 sqft,  4 bed, 3 bath

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Ravenscourt & Starch Green Conservation Area

Completed in late 2019

This beautiful Victorian home is one of four similar properties in a staggered arrangement, and the only one that had not undergone any modernisation. It was a privilege to restore its elegance and usher it into a new chapter of comfort.

The design of the ground floor extension is highly responsive to a number of unique challenges; the long, narrow garden with its angled edge and the staggered layout to the neighbouring property demanded a creative solution to maximise natural light and connection to the garden, while minimising overshadowing for the neighbour and avoiding a sense of enclosure upon their garden.

The largely flat roof aligns perfectly with the existing ground floor ceiling, creating a seamless connection between the new and existing spaces, maximising the feeling of a cohesive whole. Whilst the space us undeniably modern in feeling, the use of crittall rear glazing, and the beautifully hand crafted kitchen with shaker details, evokes a sense of traditional craftsmanship and adds a layer of warmth and character.

Crittall glazing and doors extend their sophisticated presence inside the house, replacing the wall between the front living room and hallway, creating a stunning "wow factor" the moment you step through the front door. Leading to the upper levels is a beautiful new staircase, with a balustrade that features contemporary metal spindles and a traditional polished handrail. The combination creates a touch of modern elegance that seamlessly complements the overall design.

The first and second floor levels have been reconfigured to create a stunning master suite, complete with an ensuite and spacious walk-in dressing room. The remaining three bedrooms have also been optimised for comfort and style, each featuring beautiful bespoke joinery that adds a touch of personalised elegance.

Our client wanted the house to feel modern, but not overly contemporary. Instead of bold colours, the palette leans towards lighter tones and softer textures, composed of calming neutrals. Punctuated by occasional pops of deeper contrast, like the darker door handles and crittall glazing, the design achieves a sense of timeless sophistication.


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