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2,500 sqft,  5 bed, 3 bath

London Borough of Haringey

Completed in mid 2021

With a whole house refurbishment, a loft conversion and large ground extension, this family home has been completed transformed. Externally, the extensions read as contemporary additions that contrast and compliment the original 1920s home, whist internally the extra spaces seamlessly integrate with the flow of the house.

The ground extension features a large picture window that aligns with the hallway and front door, allowing a view right through the house and to the garden beyond. As you move through the hallway and into the extension, a larger aperture with sliding doors, and three fixed frameless skylights are revealed, together evoking a wonderful sculptural quality and allowing an abundance of natural daylight to wash indoors. Within the extension is a beautifully handcrafted kitchen, space for a large dining table next to the sliding doors, and a small seating area overlooking the garden; it's a comfortable, modern and inspiring space.

On the first floor, a bedroom has been converted into a generous ensuite to the master bedroom, accessed via a new walk through master dressing. A joyful palette of different bold colours has been used across the bedrooms, whist unified by a deep tone herringbone flooring throughout.

A further two bedrooms, family bathroom and copious storage space is offered at the converted loft level, which saw the shape of the roof being changed from hipped to gable, and a large dormer built to the rear. With a large roof light above the new staircase, plenty of light washes down the stairs benefiting the first and ground floor levels as well.


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