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3,900 sqft,  6 bed, 4 bath

Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington Conservation Area

Completed in late 2023

The property is located within the Kensington Conservation Area, and is a part of the Phillimore Estate, which is know for tight development restrictions. We were able to creatively overcome the constraints to add extensions on both the lower and upper ground floors, which significantly improve the home's aesthetics, comfort, and connection to the outdoors. Within carefully selected reclaimed brickwork, crittall glazing lends a modern and contemporary feel to the extensions, whilst ensuring a cohesive aesthetic with the original property. 

The completely transformed lower ground floor accommodate a large kitchen to the rear, which opens to the garden. By excavating downwards, we achieved an almost 4-meter ceiling height resulting in a spacious and airy feel, and a true "wow factor" the moment you step inside.

Stepping out from the kitchen, a charming terrace provides a delightful spot for outdoor dining, and a beautifully landscaped series of steps leads you back up to the original garden level. At the back of the small garden, a defined seating area centers around a feature fireplace, inviting relaxation and outdoor entertaining.

No detail has been overlooked in the refurbishment of the upper levels. Stunning new finishes, along with strategically placed lighting and high quality joinery throughout, elevate the space to a whole new level.

The property boasts a beautiful interplay between contemporary and classic styles. The lower rear areas embrace a modern look with their simple palette of raw, textured materials. Upstairs, a more classic ambience takes hold, featuring stunning mouldered plasterwork, elegant panelling, and deep, rich hues. Despite the stylistic differences, the use of natural textures creates a sense of continuity throughout the home.


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