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Our new look!

As we approach our seventh year in business, we are excited to share a refresh to our look, and to reflect on what we have achieved.

Founded in 2017 by Paul Duffy, BetterPAD began as a one-man operation focused on small properties in London. Over time, the company has grown to a team of four and we have expanded our services to encompass a wider range of house types and geographical areas. However, the core mission remains unchanged: to improve people's homes.

We have never sought to impose a design style, instead our priority is to offer a very well refined process that uncovers the right design for our clients and the existing house we're working with. At our core, we believe architecture and interior design are deeply personal journeys, and every project is a one-of-a-kind story.

Today, Paul remains as the lead of the company, and the Design Director. He is supported by Irkus and Nadia, who are very talented Project Architects, and Rose as our Operations Manager. Beyond this, the team has very close relationships with a number of specialists who work in-house depending on the nature of our projects at any given time.

After seven years of continuous improvement to our services, we felt it was time to give our brand a refresh! It's been exciting for our design team to revisit everything from our logo and graphics to refining our core beliefs and vision for the future. We're committed to being recognised as a high-integrity, high-quality service provider with exceptional design skills and leadership in the industry.

With the brand refresh serving as a symbol of progress and evolution, we look ahead to a future filled with new opportunities and creative possibilities.


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