Rokeby Gardens

South Woodford, London



Local Authority




Project Size

525 sq.ft

The existing kitchen and dining areas within this otherwise charming family home were small, poorly laid out and uninspiring. This area was completely unbalanced with the rest of the property, and the odd shape of the plot meant that a small area of garden to the side was not utilised at all.


This project includes a large ground floor extension to the side, and a complete reconfiguration and opening up to one side of the ground floor layout, resulting in a vast upgrade of the property.

The single pitched roof, south facing extension includes four large Velux windows and a wide opening for three stunning sliding doors, allowing an abundance of natural light to wash into the home.


A new kitchen is almost double the size of the existing one, and includes a large feature island. It partially occupies the footprint of the extension, taking full benefit of the daylight and engagement with the patio.

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