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63 Dixon Rd, London SE25 6UE, UK_2.jpg

Dixon Road

South Norwood



Local Authority




House Size

1412 sq.ft

Whilst this 1930s end of terrace property enjoyed a generous living room that connected front to back, the side galley kitchen and dining area were very outdated and cramped, and the property had poor engagement with the garden.


BetterPad introduced a new full width ground floor extension and reconfigured the overall layout to create a large kitchen and dining area to the rear of the property that is beautifully lit and opens to the garden through two large stunning sliding doors.

A new utility room with plenty of storage was introduced in the middle of the ground floor, whist the front living room was separated from the rear, becoming a more intimate sitting and tv room.


The shaker style kitchen by British Standard strikes a brilliant balance against the more contemporary extension, and the colour and material palette chosen by our clients is bold and full of personality.

Floor Plan

Dixon Road Pres - Ground Floor Plan.jpg
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