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Kitchen island inspiration

Whether you're looking to add more storage or counter space, or make your kitchen a more sociable area with seating, a kitchen island is a great idea if you have the space. We've found some great examples to share with you:

Contrasting materials

Why not mix up textures and finishes like this one featuring wood and stone.


Multifunctional islands

An island can serve many functions - storage, breakfast bar and food preparation space.

source: betterPAD

Add multiple levels

Not only does this look great, it hides clutter and keeps your kitchen island looking tidy!

photo credit: Holly Joliffe

Go sociable

Add breakfast bar seating to one side to enhance the sociability of your kitchen, so you can chat to your family or friends as you prepare meals.

photo credit: Julia Robbs

Make a statement

Eye catching as well as functional, embrace extravagance like this stunning copper island.

photo credit: Anna Stathaki

Experiment with colour and lighting

This stunning island oozes luxury with complementary colours, with metal touches visible in the lampshades and bar stools.


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