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Interior trends 2021

2020 has been a very unusual year, where we’ve spent infinitely more time at home than we have in previous years. We’ve noticed the benefits and limitations of our spaces, and many of us will be considering replanning our living spaces for 2021.

We’ve picked out a few of the incoming trends for next year with this in mind.

Low maintenance furniture and materials

We’re all used to washing hands and disinfecting surfaces, we’ll be looking for materials in our homes that are easy to keep clean and maintain, with more non-porous finishes including glass and metal. We’ll also be looking to declutter our houses and maintaining a minimal feel, only keeping essential and often used items and clearing out the clutter. A clear out is a great way to start a new year too!


We love the simple and functional mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles that is going to be huge next year. It’s uplifting and comfortable - minimalism with a sense of zen. Think light woods, organic forms and bright simple design, giving the impression of more space and can be styled either modern or traditional.

source : boconcept


Quirky modern design paired with things you’d find at your grandparents - lots of patterns and colour - and embracing antiques and repurposed or recycled furniture, making it a more sustainable and affordable option than buying new furniture. We love that vintage is popping up in lots of different forms - Art Deco, Victorian, Arts and Crafts. Enjoy playing with colour and texture and bring a little glamour to your home - think vintage barware, heavily patterned wallpapers and bold gold accessories.

Natural materials

In contrast to the Grandmillenial style above, we’re also seeing a lot of natural materials creeping into our homes in the form of wood, leather and stone. The connection between city and nature has decreased in recent years, and we’re yearning for a reconnection to the elements, so we look to plants, natural fibres and aromas to bring nature into our homes too. We’ve not been able to travel much this year, and we’re longing to experience the feeling of space. By bringing the outdoors in through big leafy plants, natural woods, rattan, rustic throws, we’re recreating the feeling of space and serenity in our homes, until we are able to travel freely again. If you have an outdoor space, matching your interior schemes to those of outdoor furniture gives the impression of a bigger cohesive space.

source : h&m home

We also love the Little Greene 2021 paint range 'Stone' focussing on natural and earthy colours, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Sustainable design

We’re all a lot more conscious of environmental issues now, and as we have seen in the fast fashion industry, consumers are putting more thought into where their products are made and at what human and environmental cost. Lockdown saw us reusing and repurposing existing furniture for multiple purposes - living, playing and working, and this will continue, with spaces becoming multi functional. We will be looking for well made pieces of furniture and appliances that will last, and we’ll be shopping more responsibly, supporting suppliers that help different communities and independents.

source : tom raffield


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