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Garden room planning approval

We are delighted with the positive outcome from last night’s online planning committee when our garden room project near Primrose Hill was granted approval.

We designed a single storey timber clad garden room set at the end of the garden in a row of grand terraced houses. Mature trees will largely shroud the outbuilding from view, particularly in summer, and louvre screens added to the glazing will minimise light emissions from within at night.

The proposal went through diligent design development and the planning authority were consulted at pre-app stage with positive feedback that the proposal was acceptable. Adjustments were made to the height and materials proposed when concerns were raised during the planning process before it was discussed at yesterday’s committee meeting. The councillors did not agree with residents concerns that approval would set a damaging precedent for the neighbouring properties and considered the merits of the proposal in front of them.

Our architect argued the case for the granting of approval against neighbour concerns on the effect on the Conservation Area and proximity and views to Primrose Hill. The committee took note of the residents objections and discussed how the proposed structure would sit within the local plan and the wider Conservation Area, and overwhelmingly voted in favour of approval. Here is a link to the online planning meeting video - the discussions start 11 minutes in and at 24.30 minutes in, you can see Paul putting the case for approval forward.

We look forward to seeing this project take shape on site and provide a beautiful ancillary space for the garden flat, adding valuable and usable floor space to the property.

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