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BetterPad join NLA

BetterPad are excited to have joined New London Architecture this week.

We applaud the organisation's main vision of improving the quality of people’s lives by making London a better place to live, work and visit. London is an amazing place and we are delighted to be a part of the group that focus on research, discussion and education to improve the city around us.

Their policies and programmes are informed by the New London Charter, the key points being:

  • New London is sustainable, civilised and egalitarian. It is the driver of the UK economy and a global hub for a wide range of services. It is a creative and cultural capital

  • New London seeks a balance between the dense centre and the 'scattered' areas of outer London and supports the regeneration of London's towns as distinctive local centres.

  • New London seeks to improve the quality and standards of new housing design, to investigate more efficient methods of delivery and how new developments can provide a positive contribution to the urban environment.

  • It supports continued investment in the transport infrastructure to deliver efficient, integrated and more pleasurable travel and believes that the shift away from cars towards public transport, walking and cycling should be accelerated. It manages and regulates big data effectively for the benefit of its citizens.

  • New London's streets are its most used public space – they should be well maintained, clean and clutter-free. Strategies to improve the usability of public spaces in London should continue even in straitened times.

  • New London is a green, low carbon city, with equitable access to green spaces, that prioritises the health and wellbeing of its citizens. It is a city of adaptable, mixed-use buildings and places, that respond to the city’s changing needs over time.

  • New London has an efficient and certain planning system where the quality of the design is a given.

  • New London encourages all Londoners to take part in productive and well-informed debate about future developments. New London's citizens care about their environment and are actively involved in ensuring it responds to community demands.

  • New London recognises the value of diversity in all forms, it is multicultural, dynamic and open to all.

  • New London is a rich mix of old and new. It is a resilient city that adapts to changing circumstances. Its new design is of high quality, of its time but respectful of its context.

We look forward to becoming involved, attending events, and learning more about how we can improve our city.


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