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Alternative Christmas Trees

We've rounded up some fun alternatives to the traditional Christmas Tree if you're looking to do something different to finish off this unusual year!

Vintage book Christmas tree

Display a stack of green spined books on shelves or a mantelpiece in place of a tree.

source : haneens haven

Keeps the kids entertained and tidy!

Fill storage boxes with festive decorations and toys - a practical and fun alternative.

source : plantabox

Merry and bright

These neon lights illuminate your home as well as providing festive cheer.

For small spaces

If you don't have room for a tree in the corner of your room, there are lots of wall based alternatives to consider...

source : myk berlin

Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

Not sure what to do with all the strings of fairy lights? Why not mark out a Christmas tree shape and wind the lights around it to create your own unique one.

source :

Draw (and decorate) your own

Have fun with the family drawing and decorating a chalkboard tree

source: homesense

Photo tree

How about a personalised tree made up of polaroid images - either of a tree, or of family and friends?


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