We are a young vibrant architecture and interior design studio. We specialise in residential architecture, and are committed to innovating across the field to make design as accessible as possible.


Design matters


Design is the process of taking an abstract idea and developing it into something physical and tangible. It's all around us - everything man made has gone through a process of design in one way or another - and generally speaking the more energy put into the design stage of any endeavor, the better the outcome will be. 


The buildings in which we live, work, shop and walk past everyday have a deep effect upon the way we feel. Good architecture shapes our daily lives in ways we wouldn't necessarily expect, with numerous studies demonstrating a link between conscientious architectural design and the mental health of it's inhabitants, and well as promoting a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle all round. 

Good architecture is essential for a happy, healthy and sustainable society. 

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We specialise in residential design

We're passionate about architectural and interior design that inspires and shapes us on a daily basis, enabling us to thrive in a beautiful environment. Our entire way of working, and service offering has been established and refined over time to work with homeowners wanting to get the most out of their property!


With 85% of our projects including a ground floor extension, we've honed an excellent design process to explore what extension is best for you and your property.

Loft Conversions

As the most cost effective way of adding additional square footage to a property, we've designed just about every type of loft conversion imaginable! (please note; we only work on loft conversion projects alongside broader house renovations)

Whole House Renovations

Whether reconfiguring or simply refreshing, we love helping to transform your home, making it better and more in line with your lifestyle and personality.

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Joinery

Our interior design team are experts at going into the fine details and working with a range of suppliers to get to make these key features the best they can possibly be. 

What makes us different?


We don’t design offices, schools, shops or restaurants. We design renovations and extensions to existing homes, and we do it incredibly well! Being laser-focused on this one project type means we’ve become experts, and know inside and out what deisgn options work, alongside all the technical matters to consider.

Highly Flexible

The level of creative and technical support required varies from project to project, so we endeavour to be as flexible as possible. Our services are presented as a series of ‘packs’ from which you can pick and choose based on what your project needs and what level of design service you want to invest in.

Fully Qualified

Regrettably this doesn’t go without saying. Our profession as architects has been hugely weakened, and there are many ‘architectural designers’ out there claiming to be architects, without having gone through the full training. At BetterPAD, all projects are assigned a fully qualified architect from start to finish.

We currently serve London

...with plans for expansion coming soon!

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