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Architecture, not just 'building work'

Welcome to BetterPAD! We are a chartered architecture practice that specialises in transforming homes to their maximum potential! We're a small and friendly team, each who is passionate about design and the impact that architecture has on our everyday wellness. Since our founding in 2018 we're proud to have helped over 50 homeowners.

How It Works



An initial call with a qualified architect to discuss your potential project. We will answer your general questions and explain how it all works!



It's time to carry out the technical development! We prepare detailed architectural drawings, and coordinate the work of the other consultants.



Discover the potential adaptation of your house with multiple options to consider. Then make an informed decision about what to move forward with. 



Undertake a competitive tender to find the right builder, then formalise your agreement with a professional building contract.



We translate the agreed design into a planning application and seek planning permission or a 'certificate of lawful development' from the local council.



We work closely with the Contractor to support the building of your design. We help resolve technical issues, and manage the contract.

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from the 'traditional' architecture service?

Whilst we are RIBA chartered and each project is assigned a fully qualified architect, our aspiration from day one has been to rethink the traditional architecture service and offer something more modern, and suitable for this project type. A few ways in which we distinguish ourselves:


  • We reject the prevailing model of fees being based on a % of an estimated construction cost. 

  • We are more flexible by offering various optional add-ons to suit a range of different circumstances and project needs. 

  • We only work on existing houses for private homeowners, so we know this project type inside and out.

  • Our design philosophy emphasises principles of wellness.

Do you design the interiors?

Within our Discovery pack, we show both fixed elements, such as the kitchen and bathroom(s), and an indication of loose furnishings so you can understand what can fit within the space. Within the Technical Development, we discuss the interior finishing in more depth, and will produce mood boards and product suggestions of the fixed elements, such as finishes, appliances and sanitary ware, to help you decide what is best. This isn't intended to be a full interior design service, and also does not extend to the loose furnishings, such as tables, chairs, sofas and rugs etc.

Do you project manage?

Alongside our design work, we provide a comprehensive management service. This covers work from coordinating other consultants, submitting applications and liaising with the statutory bodies, to supporting the general management of the project during the construction phase. Our service however doesn't replace the role of the main contractor who undertakes 'construction management' from purchasing materials, to coordinating the day to day work of the on site labourers.

Can you suggest people for the 'other consultants' that will be required for the project?

Yes, we have a great network of professionals that we have worked with many times and can arrange for a quotation when required. Please note that as an RIBA chartered firm we are forbidden from any sort of financial commission, and so these are purely recommendations to help you and the project, and we have no other motivation for putting forward these candidates. Whist there is value in appointing the various people, collectively know as the 'design team' who have worked together previously, it is completely up to you and we are more than happy to work with anyone of your choosing as long as they carry out the work required (we will provide you with a simple briefing document).

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